BIG Fun in Branson, Missouri

Bigfoot ToursIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… Sasquatch?

Have BIG fun in Branson when you check out Big Foot Fun Park on Highway 76. Adventure-seekers will enjoy all the high-flying fun at Big Foot Fun Park, and true believers will love the Big Foot Expedition that will leave them convinced Big Foot is alive and well in the Ozarks!


Rides & Attractions at Big Foot Fun Park in Branson

Head to Big Foot Fun Park for a fun-filled day of thrill-seeking! Defy gravity at the Gravity Bomb, where you will freefall for 200 feet! Or launch yourself straight into the air with the Super Sling at Big Foot Action Tower. 

If staying grounded is more your thing, Big Foot Fun Park offers both an arcade and mini golf at the park. If you have little ones who are too young for the Big Foot Action Tower, they can climb and play and go crazy at the Yeti Fun Zone and Monkey Jump. There is even a covered, elevated viewing area for the Yeti Zone so parents can watch their kids jump and play.

Big Foot Expedition

For the truly Big Foot-obsessed, there’s a Big Foot Expedition that is sure to leave you convinced that Sasquatch is alive and well in Missouri. Embark on one of three different tours that will take you through rugged terrain in search of the illusive beast itself. This tour features original music, an engaging story line and a twist-y, didn’t-see-that-coming ending! Your journey will take you on custom 4X4 vehicles meant for the ragged terrain of the Ozarks Hills. 

This tour is marketed as Branson’s “Biggest Show on Wheels” and may be too scary for some kids- and some adults! It is meant to be entertaining and leave you believing at Big Foot really does exist! 

Alternately, try the Scottish Highland Farm Tour if you want something a little tamer. This 60-75 minute tour will give you gorgeous views of the Ozarks and let you interact with fascinating Scottish Highland cattle. Fun for all ages!

If you are looking for more to see and do in Branson, check out the complete America’s Best Campground Guest Guide here! If you need a place to stay after a long night of fun, we’re open! RV’s, cabins, or tents – we can accommodate everyone! Call 800-671-4399 to reserve your visit or book online. Be sure to like our Facebook page for updates, photos and information.

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