Branson Edu-Training

Beyond the lensBranson is a great vacation spot to learn while you play. Branson offers a number of attractions where guests of all ages can have a great time, play your heart out and learn a few things, too! If you’re heading to Branson and looking for a great way to combine education and fun, check out these great attractions, which are sure to very edu-training!


Wonderworks is an amusement park in Branson with more than 45,000 square feet of educational entertainment that is sure to delight everyone you are traveling with. In the Bubble Lab, you can make a bubble big enough to fit inside! Experience what it feels like to lay on a bed of nails or become a human lightning rod when you learn about Tesla coils. See what it’s like to be caught in hurricane winds exceeding 70 mph in the Hurricane Shack. Wonderworks will keep everyone entertained for hours for less than $40 per person- and kids 4 and younger are free! 

Aquarium at the Boardwalk

Walk through Branson Aquarium’s Jelly Infinity Room and experience the serene magic of jellyfish floating all around you- without getting stung! Journey through the waters tunnel to be surround by fish, sharks and more. Kids will enjoy playing in the Kelp Forest, and guests of all ages will enjoy touching all sorts of sea creatures at the touch pools. Admission is less than $40 per person and kids younger than 4 are free. 

Beyond the Lens

Try out the new “Fly Ride” and soar high above 22 of America’s famous landmarks! Once you’re back safely on Earth, see if you can find Sasquatch with the interactive Search for Bigfoot experience. There are places all around the museum to snap interesting selfies, as well as a fun play area for the kids. The augmented reality games will leave your head spinning and the virtual reality games and escape room are sure to blow your mind. Tickets are less than $40 per person for this fun-for-all-ages attraction.

If you are looking for more to see and do in Branson, check out the complete America’s Best Campground Guest Guide here! If you need a place to stay after a long night of fun, we’re open! RV’s, cabins, or tents – we can accommodate everyone! Call 800-671-4399 to reserve your visit or book online. Be sure to like our Facebook page for updates, photos and information.

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