Cruise on the Branson Belle

You could probably search the world over and not find a locale that offers more outstanding family-style entertainment than Branson. The fact that it appeals to all ages and generations attests to its ability to connect with something all people have in common.

Such is the case when taking a cruise on the Branson Belle. Hop onboard the authentic paddleboat for a rollicking good time that combines terrific food and lovely scenery with a variety show of music, dancing and comedy. Entrees such as baked chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and desserts like apple cinnamon torte will taste extra good when eaten in the happy setting.

The attraction is open every day, and you can choose from noon and 4 p.m. cruises as well as an 8 p.m. cruise on Saturday night. It is located at 4800 State Highway 165.

Grandma Ruth’s Bakery

Who doesn’t find the taste and smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls irresistible? Drop into Grandma Ruth’s for a snack whenever you’re out and about, taking in area shows. You may even be able to meet the lady for which the bakery is named, as she lovingly prepares your order. The address is 3044 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.

Stay With Us

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