You don’t have to leave Branson to experience something exotic! The Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure gives you a taste of the rainforest, just a short drive from American’s Best Campground. The main draw is the aviary, which holds over 1000 different species of butterfly inside. Along with the butterflies, a variety of exotic plants and even some birds make it their home.

But the aviary isn’t the only attraction! Test your critical thinking skills by finding your way out of the maze. Looking for a tropical paradise? You’ll find it at the Bayan Tree Adventure. Then cap off your visit with the Living Rainforest Science Center. A multitude of fun and educational activities await, as well as many amphibians and lizards. Experience a wonderful world far beyond what we have in our own backyards!

Admission is $19.95 for adults and $11.95 for children, tax not included. Seniors can get theirs for $17.95. If you need more information, check out their website here. See what exotic attractions Branson has to offer when you stay at ABC!

Stay With Us This Season!

From December 9 – the end of March we are on our discounted winter rates.  Only $25 per night for full hook-up, including cable TV and WIFI. The office is closed, but the laundry and one bath house are open.  No reservation is needed during this time, but if you would like to reserve for later in the year, we do check our messages daily.  Call us at 800-671-4399 or visit our website. Be sure to like our Facebook page!

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