Farnum Family comes to ABC May 1

The talented Farnum Family will bring their lively brand of crowd-pleasing music to ABC’s Celebrity Station Pavilion on Thursday, May 1. Parents Norm and Trish are joined by their children Daniel, Benjamin, Hannah, Nathaniel, Maggie, and Matthew, playing a blend of bluegrass, gospel, western, and old-time music that has delighted audiences from Oregon to Vermont. The Farnum Family is based right here in Southwest Missouri, and Norm has been playing the guitar and banjo in the area since 1977. He met pianist Trish in 1986 and the couple began performing together. They were soon blessed by children that Norm and Trish brought up in the ways of music and performance. These talented kids play an incredible range of musical instruments including guitar, fiddle, mandolin, upright bass, dobro, harmonica, bodrahn, and occasionally the washboard! Don’t miss this uniquely-talented group! Tickets are $12 at the door for their 7:00pm performance on Thursday, May 1. The Farnum Family is also scheduled to make a return engagement at ABC on May 20. Come stay with us and enjoy our park’s many amenities, and treat yourself to the Farnum Family show in our comfortable Celebrity Station Pavilion.

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