Lions and Tigers and Leopards… Oh My!

The National Tiger Sanctuary is a non-profit, rescue facility that is as entertaining as it is educational. Currently, the park is home to several lions, tigers, leopards as well as a few domestic animals such as dogs, horses and cats that have found their way onto the grounds. The staff at the Tiger Sanctuary works carefully to make sure each animal is given a safe and stress free forever home. 

The park offers a variety of guided walking tours through the sanctuary throughout the day. The popular You Feed Tour gives visitors the chance to feed the cats themselves and includes a photo of the action.  In addition, there is also the Riding Safari tour which give guests a more expansive look at the park, as well as the Tigers by Twilight for those interested in seeing the cats pounce and hunt in the moonlight. 

Tours are available Wednesday-Sunday year-round but be sure to check out their website here to book your visit. Located just 20 minutes from our campground, the National Tiger Sanctuary is a great way to get up close and personal with some of nature’s biggest cats. 

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