The Festival of Wonder

The Festival of WonderHave you ever seen someone paint a masterpiece in a matter of minutes? Or beautiful music composed of just a few beer bottles? Or how about a couple of guys just casually juggle chainsaws? At The Festival of Wonder from April 8-26 you’ll be able to see all of these and more! 

Dan Dunn is a speed painter who creates works of arts of famous icons in minutes, timed to music. Not only is his artwork fast and fabulous but he also starts each piece off upside down! Audiences will be left guessing what could possibly be coming from his seemingly random splashes of paint until the final reveal at the last minute. 

The Bottle Boys will play hit music like you’ve never seen or heard before. This viral sensational group of four will blow you away as they blow into a few bottles and perform songs from Michael Jackson, Johnny Cash, current pop hits and more. 

Hold your breath as you watch a chainsaw fly through the air with the juggling act of The Passing Zone. Combining the art of juggling with music, comedy and a little bit of danger, this is one show you don’t want to miss. 

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