The World’s Largest Attractions in Branson, Missouri

If you love visiting sites that are considered one of a kind, Branson has several you should definitely visit during your vacation.

Missouri is home to a number of odd roadside attractions and large museums that consider themselves to be the “World’s Largest.” Until recently, the Show Me State housed the World’s Largest Rocking Chair. Missouri is currently home to the world’s largest 20th Century pecan, the world’s largest ball of string and the world’s largest fork. Crazy, huh?

Branson itself is also home to several oddities that draw crowds every year. These unique attractions make for great photo opportunities while you are on vacation and are fun to tell friends and family back home about. If you love unique photos for Instagram and love to keep tabs on all of the “world’s largest” items you come across in your travels, Branson has some fun oddities you won’t want to miss!

Unique attractions in Branson, MO

World’s Largest Ball of Nylon Twine (located at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!): Believe it or not, the world’s largest ball of twine is a category with multiple entries! Branson’s Ripley’s is home to the largest ball of nylon twine, which was assembled by a man from Texas. It contends for a top spot with the largest ball of twine built by a community (in Kansas), the largest ball of twine built by a single person (in Minnesota) and the heaviest ball of twine (in Wisconsin). In order to see Branson’s ball of twine, you will have the pay the entrance fee for Ripley’s. 

Fun fact: you can also see the World’s Largest Roll of Toilet Paper at Ripley’s!

World’s Largest Fork & Meatball (located at Pasghetti’s Italian Restaurant): Not to be confused with the world’s largest fork, the world’s largest fork and meatball is located out Pasghetti’s Restaurant in Branson. Tourists can walk under the meatball and pose for photos, and then head inside the restaurant for a hearty meal. There is even a Ferris wheel inside the restaurant. Fun!

Giant Stone Busts of Former Presidents JFK & Ronald Reagan: Okay, so these busts aren’t actually classified as the World’s Largest, although they certainly may be! Branson is home to multiple busts, including JFK’s, which is located in at a used car lot, and Ronald Reagan’s, which is located at a gas station. These busts were relocated to Branson from South Dakota, when a park that was home to stone statues of all the US Presidents closed in 2010. 

World’s Largest Fiddle & Banjo: These two items, which are located at Grand Country Market in Branson, are actually stationed in separate areas of the shopping plaza.  The banjo is a true replica of a Gibson banjo and is quite a sight to behold. Because both instruments have neon strings, they are very neat to view after dark.

World’s Largest Rooster: At 43 feet tall, this fiberglass foul is big! It rests at the Great American Steak and Chicken House wearing a patriotic ensemble of blue and white with an American Flag pin on top. Stop for a picture and then head inside for some good local food. 

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