If you haven’t experienced a Sight and Sound Theaters show yet, you’ve been missing out! The company has brought some incredible shows to Branson, and their newest production is no exception. These shows bring Bible stories to life on a panoramic stage with state-of-the-art technology, live animals, and an exceptional cast. The soundtracks combine the best of musical theater with epic, cinematic scores. The shows are designed to be universally appealing, no matter your age, life experience, or exposure to the Bible.

The current show, Samson, promises to be spectacular! You’ll follow Samson as he defeats the Philistines and slays a lion with his supernatural strength. But when he falls prey to temptation, Samson’s calling to deliver God’s people is put in jeopardy. Samson’s life is turned upside down, but we know from Samson’s story in Hebrews that he ultimately accepts God’s calling. You won’t forget Samson’s transformation from unwilling hero to fulfilling God’s promise.

Samson begins its run on March 3rd and goes through the end of the year. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the website here. You can also purchase tickets to Samson at our front desk once the office opens for the season on March 26th.

Stay With Us All Winter!

America’s Best Campground in Branson is your home away from home, even during the off season! Our office will reopen for the season on March 26th. Meanwhile, the campground will remain open with full hookups on a discounted price of $25.00, cash or check only. One bathhouse and the laundry will remain open for your use. To keep up with all our news, visit our website, and be sure to like our Facebook page!

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