Rules & Regulations

Under Missouri law, a private campground owner or an employee or officer of a private campground owner is not liable for any injury to or the death of a person or any property damage resulting from the inherent risks of camping under the Revised Statutes of Missouri.

Campground Rules

SPEED LIMIT: Please observe our 10 mph speed limit, and watch for children playing.
EXTENDING YOUR STAY: Please notify the Office before 10:00 am if you wish to extend your stay (subject to availability).
ELECTRICITY: After unplugging your RV, please return the breaker to the ON position; it may supply power to your neighbor’s cable system. We require all guests to connect to the proper amp service.
PARKING: Please do not park on our grass! Park only on graveled or paved areas. Help protect our landscaping. Do not park your vehicle in another site unless you are paying for that site.
SITES: Only one camping unit and one towing vehicle or car per site is allowed. No rugs or carpeting on the grass. Do not walk through an occupied campsite or allow your pet to wander or relieve himself on someone else’s campsite. Pick up after your pet.
SEWER GASKETS/ELBOWS ARE REQUIRED: If you do not have one, it may be purchased at our store.
TRASH: Please bag your trash and set it on the side of the road in front of your rig by 9:00 am, and it will be picked up. Please do not place it outside at night, and make sure that the bag is tied shut as we have friendly night animals who might make a mess.
QUIET HOURS: Please be courteous to our other guests, and observe quiet hours from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am.
LAUNDRY: Clotheslines are not permitted. We have a full laundry facility available.
VEHICLE WASHING: You are invited to use our private Car/RV Wash located on the Campground. A change machine is provided at the wash area. No washing of rigs or tow cars in individual sites or other like services – unless done professionally.
RESTROOMS: Please help us keep the bath, laundry room, and game room clean by picking up after yourself. If anything needs attention, please contact the Office immediately. For your protection, do not give lock combination to others. People asking for the combination should be referred to the Office. Restrooms are closed for cleaning from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
SMOKING GUIDELINES: NO SMOKING in any of the Campground buildings. Please dispose of butts in an ashtray and not on the ground. No smoking in the cabins.
PORTABLE TOILET: No portable toilet disposal is allowed in the bathhouse. Please use sewer at your site or our Dump Station.
POOL: There is no lifeguard. Swim at your own risk. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. No bare feet or wet suits in Campground buildings. No glass containers in pool and spa area. No pets in Pool area.
SPA: No children under 9 years old at any time. Children 9 to 14 with parent only.
AIR COMPRESSOR: Located near the Car/RV Wash, available for our guests at no charge.
MOTORIZED VEHICLES: All people operating a motorized vehicle in the campground must possess a valid driver’s license.
CHILDREN: Please avoid accidents and injuries by accompanying your children to the playground. We cannot be responsible for accidents. Play at your own risk.
TENTS: Tents are allowed in designated areas only, with one tent per site. Tents are not permitted on grass. Provisions can be made in the Office for an additional (second) tent for a registered camper’s immediate family (unmarried children living with parents). There will be an additional charge for the second tent.
VISITORS: All visitors must register at the Office and pay a fee prior to using Campground facilities.
FIRES: No ground fires at your site. Please use the fire ring located in the northwest corner of the park.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, who does not conform to campground rules or interferes with the fun and pleasant atmosphere that our guests expect when staying here.
We assume no responsibility for loss due to fire, theft, or accidents to persons or private property.
Failure or refusal to follow ABC rules will result in your being required to leave, with no refund.

Cabin Rentals

  1. There is absolutely NO SMOKING in or around the cabins.
  2. There are absolutely NO PETS allowed in or around the cabins.
  3. Cabins must be clean and damage free. (See description on #7.)
  4. Please do not allow anyone to get on the mattress covers with their shoes on.
  5. Failure to follow rules 1,2,3, and/or 4 will result in up to a $150.00 cleaning fee.
  6. Keys and Remotes must be returned to the office upon departure. If not returned, a fee not to exceed $100 will be assessed.
  7. Guests will be held accountable for all damages that occur during their occupancy (excluding normal wear and tear). A cleaning or repair fee will be assessed if cabins are damaged or “trashed.” A cleaning list is posted in each cabin to provide you with departure tidying tasks.
  8. You may park on the gravel in front of your cabin, but please do not park on our grass.
  9. Camper Cabin Guests: You are REQUIRED to use the bathhouse, not the bushes or back of the cabin. Don’t make us call the authorities.
  10. Only one vehicle is allowed to park per cabin. Additional vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking area by the lodge. Please ask at the front desk where you may park. $4 per night per extra vehicle.
  11. All visitors must register at the office. There is a $5.00 per person charge for visitors who use any of the ABC facilities.
  12. No linens or maid services are provided for the cabins.
  13. Guests are responsible for setting out their trash at the designated place and time.
  14. Under Missouri law, a private campground owner or an employee or officer of a private campground owner is not liable for any injury to or the death of a person or any property damage resulting from the inherent risks of camping under the Revised Statutes of Missouri.